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Texans unite against continued war

Texans, wearing boots and sandles, are uniting for peace like never before as the war in Iraq continues.

From San Antonio to Dallas, Crawford to College station, more and more protestors gather and demonstrate against the War. There names are evident of their diversity: Austin Against War - Texans United Against War - Texans for Peace - Veterans for Peace, Texas - Democracy for Texas - South Texas Alliance for Peace and Justice, Border Peace Presence - North Texas for Justice and Peace - Vietnam Veterans Against the War - Dallas Peace Center - Tikkun - Austin Center for Peace & Justice and more.

Oil profits pour in to Texas companies

With oil hitting new highs of over $55 per barrel, many think that Texas energy companies would be hurting...quite the contrary.

Texas energy companies are reporting record profits, on top of astronomical profits for 2003. For the 6 mos. ended 6/04, revenues for Exxon Mobile rose 14% to $138.30B. and Forbes reports that it is bound for "big-pocket" growth.

During the same time period, Chevron Texaco saw revenues increase 20% to $71.97B. Both of these companies were also beneficiaries of oil deals in Iraq during the reign of Saddam Hussein. Soaring natural gas prices pushed up profits for Texas power company TXU by 69% in Q3 2004 and Dallas energy company XTO saw profits rise 37%, also for Q3.

Meanwhile, President Bush signed into law a bill that will provide $145B in tax cut to these, and other companies.

FPL Energy Announces Plans for New Wind Farm in Texas

FPL Energy announced it will build, own and operate a new wind farm in Texas, the Callahan Divide Wind Energy Center, to be located in Taylor County, Texas.

Company wants to store nuclear waste in Texas

A company is seeking state permission to accept millions of pounds of radioactive waste from U.S. weapons programs, including a site in Ohio.



A Failed 'Transition': The Mounting Costs of the Iraq War

A Failed "Transition" is the most comprehensive accounting of the mounting costs of the Iraq war on the United States, Iraq, and the world.

Rising Fuel Prices Boost Renewable Energy

With oil reaching a record-high $54 a barrel and natural gas doubling in price in the last two years, renewable energy is looking a lot better — not just on environmental merits but on price.






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